Eva María Martín del Valle

Eva María Martín del Valle – Catedrática Ingeniería Química




Eva María Martín del Valle

  • Centro: Facultad de Ciencias Químicas
  • Departamento: Ingeniería Química y Textil
  • Edificio: Ciencias
  • Despacho: A-1501 Planta Baja
  • Teléfono Universidad: 923294479
  • Correo electrónico: emvalle@usal.es
  • Página personal: http://campus.usal.es/~magalan





Trabajos de Fin de Máster propuestos


  • Planta de producción de polisacáridos ( Gonzalo Fernández Matilla )
  • Planta de producción de complejos antialopécicos ( Concha Barrena Calderón )
  • Planta de eliminación de metales pesados. Diseño del adsorbedor. ( Alberto Fernbández Martínez )
  • Planta de producción de nanopartículas híbridas. Diseño del reactor. ( María Hernández González )


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PI: Eva Martin del Valle Full Professor of Chemical Engineering

Head Department of Chemical Engineering

University of Salamanca (SPAIN).

Members (Multidisciplinary Team):

Chemical Engineers Biologics  Biotechnologist Other Engineers.


Professor Martin Del Valle has focused her research in BIOMEDICAL APPLICATIONS of CHEMICAL ENGINEERING, specifically in microparticle design and drug delivery control. Their studies have been based on the development of new technologies to produced microcapsules based on atomization process and Supercritical Fluids. Characterization of polyelectrolytic complexes as well as on the controlled design of the properties of the membrane based on the use of biocompatible materials has been also studied. Professor Martin Del Valle has a worldwide reputation as an outstanding scientist in the area of biomedical engineering. Recently she was granted by the EUROPEAN RESEARCH COUNCIL (ERC) with a Starting Grant (1.5 million EUR) and a Proof of Concept (150.000 EUR) in 2012 and 2013 respectively. She has been also awarded with special mention of Prize Biotechnology of EXPOQUIMIA (Mediterranean Congress of Chemical Engineering 2011) and AWARD “Society Contributions” of the University of Salamanca (2012).

Her contributions linking Chemical Engineering to the medicine field has attracted the attention of scientist in the healthcare field and has been invited to collaborate with multidisciplinary teams(the Neuroscience Institute of Castilla y Leon), Cancer Institute of Salamanca and also Oncology, Thoracic surgery and Pathology departments of the Universitary Hospital of Salamanca. She has participated in several collaborations with the industry in projects related to microencapsulation applications in different systems.

The work in progress is focused in the following areas:

Producing new biopolymers with anti proliferaty activity.

Developing new approach for cancer therapy by reducing energy supply to the cell.

Investigating the mechanism of release from polymeric delivery systems with concomitant microstructural analysis and mathematical modeling.

Studying applications of these systems anti-cancer drugs, growth factors,

Developing controlled release systems that can be magnetically, ultrasonically, or enzymatically triggered to increase release rates


Researching new ways to create tissue and organs including creating new polymer systems for tissue engineering.

Creating new biomaterials with shape memory or surface switching properties.

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